Creating Investments –
Curating Portfolios.

We are an investment boutique that values
research, insight, and expertise to instill
confidence for assertively investing in
creative new businesses. Dedicated to the
core foundations of our namesake
(Objectivity, Humility, and Simplicity), we
work hands-on with our clients the right
way: collaboratively.




OHS Global is a resourceful investment firm that provides full service engagement for confidently investing in new and inventive businesses.

As you’ll see in our portfolio, we at OHS focus mainly on technology, design, and the retail/hospitality sectors. Here’s how: we rely on Objectivity to remain fair above all else: personal biases or subjective differences don’t hold relevancy to our businesses. Secondly, it’s imperative to us that we display Humility: being grounded as a leader and assisting others for the greater potential. Lastly, we invest in new projects with a mindset of keeping things Simple: maintaining a healthy focus on the task at hand while ignoring any unnecessary distractions. With a wealth of experience and a serious penchant for the cutting edge, we provide ample opportunities for investing in both emerging and established projects.