Who We Are.

OHS Global started by investing in the hospitality industry in 2008, assertively and surely developing a robust portfolio in the restaurant business. Since then, we’ve developed and matured with our various businesses, recognizing the strength of collaboration. We understand that potential reaches far beyond ourselves: so we build the best teams we can to be successful. As it turns out, the core values that keep us grounded are the same ones that generate our profit.







Maher is an internationally proven entrepreneur with a twenty-year history of developing landmark brands, experiences and destinations from the ground up.

Maher brings a unique blend of managerial leadership, financial acumen, and hands-on human resources experience to each of his endeavours. Simply put, he knows how things are supposed to be run. From strategic brand development and launches to day-to-day operations, Maher helps entrepreneurs realize their visions from the simple seeds of an idea, and uncovers new opportunities for world-class operations to help them become even stronger.

Additionally to serving as President and CEO of OHS Global Inc., he serves as acting chairman of the Ascent Group, which owns and operates a diverse portfolio of companies in the education, retail, and construction sectors.

He is also the President of ICON Legacy Hospitality – one of North America’s most respected full-service management companies. Since its founding in 2008, Maher has overseen the growth and success of critically acclaimed hotel and restaurant destinations including Weslodge, Byblos, Mira, Patria, Estia, and many more.