OHS Global provides unparalleled incubation services for new entrepreneurs and visionaries by pairing diverse business experience with a focus on maximizing potential—delivering a fresh and creative perspective within the industry to accelerate your endeavours. We are the incubator that provides direction, oversight, and guidance to welcome new partners into our family of successful businesses. We offer these services for cost benefit: to allow entrepreneurs to focus directly on their businesses without wasting their time, money, or compromising quality.



We pride ourselves on finding and investing in fresh ideas. We do our due diligence to research, self-educate, analyze, and formulate plans for new opportune investments. We love meeting potential clients and turning them into successful partners we can grow with.


We guide clients to success — starting with a thoughtful understanding of your objectives and then realized through a collaborative partnership with our experienced advisors to reach them. Our boutique typically invests in companies looking for upwards of 500K to take their business plan to the next level, and then collaborate with them to formulate a strategic and operational roadmap to navigate their goals.


Our goal is always to create and manage value. From bookkeeping to comprehensive P&L reviews, OHS provides the strategic and operational insight you need to minimize risk and unlock fresh solutions bespoke to your business. We help you with your money, your financial forecast, and all the different aspects of managing your finances.into successful partners we can grow with.


OHS helps small and medium sized businesses recognize and solve their pain points via honest and transparent interaction with owners, managers, and boards of directors. Growth begins with a deeper understanding of where you need to go, and we’ll get there together in an engaged and guiding strategic manner. Once you’re up and running, we’ll make sure you stay there.


We provide HR support, organizational/management and SOP development, IT strategy, and brand/marketing support through our shared resource platform to help clients optimize operations at a fraction of the cost you’d normally expect. Access to our resources is readily and gladly available.



We love hearing new ideas and seeing fresh outlooks. Do you have an idea that’s unique and full of potential, or just a cool concept that you’ve been brainstorming about? Let us know!

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