Hanif Harji - Profile



Hanif Harji is a renowned international restaurateur. With a penchant for all things hospitality, Harji has been recognized for innovating and transforming the culinary scene in Toronto through his many endeavours.

Originally from Tanzania, Harji moved to Toronto when he was six and graduated with a business degree from the University of Toronto. Shortly after graduating, he followed his passion of pursing a career in the hospitality business, and purchased a local coffee shop.

Fast forward years later, Harji and the Icon Legacy Hospitality group are behind an empire of successful restaurant and hospitality brands in Toronto and globally, including Weslodge Saloon (Toronto & Dubai), Byblos (Toronto, Miami, Dubai as “Morah”), NAO Steakhouse, FIGO, Patria, STORYS, La Société, and MACHO Radio Bar.

Under Harji, Icon excels in the development of innovative concepts and progressive brands that revolutionize the hospitality industry and create original and inspired experiences. Every concept is executed with Hanif’s signature commitment to innovation and integrity in service and design.